It’s Been a While… a Note From the Blogger About the Posting Schedule & Upcoming Reviews

I didn’t anticipate just how difficult the fall semester would be when I first decided to start this blog back in May. Now, just under a month into the school year, it has become abundantly clear that I don’t have the means to post here regularly between class/work/reading/writing/life/etc.

I have every intention to continue running this blog. Moving forward, however—at least until I graduate in the spring—reviews and blog posts will be posted sporadically.

With that said, I have some reviews lined up that I’m very excited to share with you!

Upcoming ARC Reviews
– October 2020 Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth: metafictional gothic horror/literary fiction
– November 2020 Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur: new adult holiday fake dating contemporary rom-com
– December 2020 The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley: contemporary YA rom-com with theater shenanigans
– March 2021 She’s Too Pretty to Burn by Wendy Heard: YA thriller, sapphic retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray
– March 2021 Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales: contemporary YA dealing with biphobia
– March 2021 Down Comes the Night by Allison Saft: gothic/fantasy YA romance with bisexual MC
– April 2021 These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy: YA epic fantasy/sapphic retelling of Russian folktale “The Firebird”

I’ll also be posting a book roundup soon to talk about all the sapphic books I’ve read in the past couple months that haven’t gotten reviewed here, so keep an eye out for that! Otherwise, I hope everyone is able to stay safe and sane right now.

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