Review Policy

The Sapphic Bookshelf is open to and encourages book review requests!

On principle, I do not give books ratings. However, as a former reviewer at Pine Reads Review and an English student with a firm grasp on story mechanics, I try my best to provide in-depth, honest reviews of each book I read. Each review will be approximately 600 words, spoiler-free. I will post all reviews on this blog, as well as on my Goodreads account.

If you would like to submit your book for review, please see my preferences below.

Important Note: All books submitted for review must feature sapphic characters and/or relationships.

Format: Either physical or digital ARCs or finished copies are acceptable, but I prefer print copies!

Age: Middle grade through Adult, but I especially like YA and characters in the 18-25 age range.

Genres: Any, but I love romantic comedies, coming of age themes, and dark fantasy.

– Own voices
– Vampires
– Witches
– Retellings
– Dark academia

To contact me regarding an ARC or review request, please email me at

Professional Reader