A Dowry of Blood | S.T. Gibson

A DOWRY OF BLOOD is a dark, queer reimagining of Dracula’s brides that explores abuse, vampirism, and love.

Plain Bad Heroines | Emily M. Danforth

Emily M. Danforth’s adult debut PLAIN BAD HEROINES is an intricate, capital-G Gothic tome of sapphic love, tragedy, and so many yellow jacket wasps. Seriously, just an exorbitant amount of wasps.

Burn Our Bodies Down | Rory Power

BURN OUR BODIES DOWN is nothing short of a mindfuck. What an odd, serpentine novel full of inherited secrets, unexpected body horror, and multigenerational mother-daughter tensions. It’s one of those books where nothing is obviously wrong for a lot of it, but you know for a fact that something is about to strike. And then, when everything goes up in flames and you turn the final page, you’re left feeling confused and hollowed out. I felt like I had a hangover after reading this book, but like, in a good way.

Wilder Girls | Rory Power

WILDER GIRLS is for you if you’re into cool but disgusting body horror, mysterious pandemics, and bizarre books that are overall unsettling.

Music from Another World | Robin Talley

MUSIC FROM ANOTHER WORLD is for you if you’re craving a story that expertly weaves together LGBTQ+ history, punk music, family, politics and religion.

The Scapegracers | Hannah Abigail Clarke

I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. SO MUCH. Subversions of high school girl stereotypes? The Scapegracers has it. Strong female friendships? Uh huh. Lesbian, bisexual, and unlabeled sapphic rep? You got it. You’re into cursing men who touch women inappropriately and make them uncomfortable? Keep reading.