She’s Too Pretty to Burn | Wendy Heard (ARC Review)

SHE’S TOO PRETTY TO BURN is an unexpectedly wild ride full of atmospheric summery vibes and twisty turns that I couldn’t have seen coming. I love how intense the story is from the beginning and the way Heard puts a modern spin on THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY.

Blue book cover of Down Comes the Night with a big gothic mansion

Down Comes the Night | Allison Saft (ARC Review)

DOWN COMES THE NIGHT is a fun, genuinely well-written fantasy with a rich atmosphere, strong worldbuilding, and a heart-melting slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. It also has major Silvia Moreno-Garcia MEXICAN GOTHIC and FRANKENSTEIN energy!

Plain Bad Heroines | Emily M. Danforth (ARC Review)

Emily M. Danforth’s adult debut PLAIN BAD HEROINES is an intricate, capital-G Gothic tome of sapphic love, tragedy, and so many yellow jacket wasps. Seriously, just an exorbitant amount of wasps.

Burn Our Bodies Down | Rory Power

BURN OUR BODIES DOWN is nothing short of a mindfuck. What an odd, serpentine novel full of inherited secrets, unexpected body horror, and multigenerational mother-daughter tensions. It’s one of those books where nothing is obviously wrong for a lot of it, but you know for a fact that something is about to strike. And then, when everything goes up in flames and you turn the final page, you’re left feeling confused and hollowed out. I felt like I had a hangover after reading this book, but like, in a good way.